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The Love Gangsters LP

The Love Gangsters LP

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Addressing the modern dominance of digital music, The Love Gangsters have opted to initially release the album as an LP, embracing the warmth and authenticity of vinyl but now even on a cd for those who wish. However, recognizing the importance of accessibility, the album is available on leading digital platforms including Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music and many more, ensuring fans worldwide can experience their groundbreaking debut. 

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Renowned for their ethos of prioritizing collective harmony over individual stardom and their profund affinity for the rich tapestry of American music traditions rooted in the South, The Love Gangsters have rapidly endeared themselves to a global audience with their distinctive sound. UPFRONT & PERSONAL stands as a homage to this cultural legacy, showcasing the band´s adeptness at crafting deeply resonant and heartfelt music. 


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